Yacht standard electrical in a van?

September 18, 2023

So, we had this idea - let's take a peek inside some mass-produced RVs and see how their electrical systems hold up. Spoiler alert: not too impressive. Brittle solid core cables running through walls, barely secured wires, and weak over current protection devices. It's like they're winging it!

We didn’t feel like the current RV electrical standards were where we wanted to be so we set sail for inspiration in the yachting world. Yachts deal with saltwater, extreme temperature changes, impacts from rough seas, and all sorts of nautical mayhem. They mean business! So, naturally, we decided to hitch our wagon (or van) to the ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) standards. These guys don't mess around.

We even went the extra mile - or nautical mile, you could say - and got certified as Marine Electricians. With us deciding to build our vans to ABYC standards, we can be totally sure that the will more than stand up to the challenges of life on the road, no matter how hard you drive it.

With our vans wired to yacht-worthy perfection, when you roll with us, you're getting the very highest standards that would impress even the most discerning captain. Enough with the puns.

Smooth sailing, my fellow travelers!


RV standards sometimes leave a lot to be desired. We looked at yachting standards and decided that's the level we needed to be at.

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