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What we do

Full van conversions, friendly DIY advice, and everything in between — we've got your van needs covered.

We provide three services. Our modular conversion service, available to Sprinter 2019+ owners, where you can use our 3D van builder to come up with endless layouts. We didn't want to overlook the DIY community (as we were DIYers once ourselves). That's why we offer an à-la-carte van upfitting service that caters to most types of van. We also provide consultancy for those going solo on a van build project, offering help with planning and sourcing parts.

As a small, tight-knit company, we take great pride in building strong connections with our customers and going above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Let's get a project going and start making your vision a reality!


For All your van needs

Full Van Conversion

Sprinter 144/170 (2019+) 1
Visualize your build online
Instant pricing
Customize everything
Create a floorplan that suits you

Upfitting & Service

We Work on most vans 2
We do most upfitting work 3
Windows & Roof Fans
Diesel / Gasoline Heaters
Smartfloor / Rear seats
Electrical systems designed & installed (Victron/Ecoflow)
We currently only offer our full modular builds on Sprinter 144 or 170 2019+ chassis. Transit and Promaster full modular builds are planned for 2024/2025
We typically work on Sprinter, Promaster and Transit vans and have some experience with other vehicles.
We can't do everything! We reserve the right to refuse jobs with customer supplied components and/or jobs that we are not familiar or confident with.

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