Announcements, tips and other updates from the workshop. By van nerds for van nerds.
Discover how a converted van turned Katie Bennett's Utah landscapes and Grand Teton exploration into a photography dream.
Announcing the launch our brand-new online 3D van configurator — putting you in the driver's seat to design your dream van like never before.
Shining the spotlight on Johnny Muldoon, our lead van builder, as he blazes a trail of success in the 2023 Utah Gravity Downhill Series.
Outside Digital, an award-winning Global Digital Technology company, have teamed up with Converted Van, one of Utah’s premiere van conversion company to craft an unparalleled online 3D van building experience.
Driven by a love for the outdoors and an eye for detail, Adrian Samarra founded Converted Van. The brand merges his design expertise with a passion for adventure, reimagining vans as personalized mobile adventure vehicles.
What's better than a RV? Answer: A Yacht. Not such a shocking surprise to learn that their electrical standards are better too...
Introducing Converted Van 2.0 - a new era of van conversion with a sleek rebrand, a focused approach, an online store, and an industry-first online 3D van builder tool.

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