Van builder wins Utah Gravity Downhill Series!

September 18, 2023

At Converted Van, our staff aren't just talented van builders; they're true individuals with passions that extend far beyond the workshop. We're stoked to shine the spotlight on Johnny Muldoon, one of our lead van builders, as he blazes a trail of success in the 2023 Utah Gravity Series.

Johnny, is known around the workshop for being one hardcore dude! In the past, Johnny pursued downhill mountain bike racing semi professionally, but as life led him down a different path, he took a decade-long hiatus. Now, the underdog returns, picking up right where he left off..

It’s just like riding a bike...

The series kicked off with a bang at Brian Head Resort, and Johnny did not disappoint, clinching a victory in the first race. However, as the saying goes, it's not the wins that define us, but how we handle setbacks. And Johnny faced his fair share. He dealt with a small crash during the second race in the series at Pomarelle, Idaho, but managed to hold it together, quickly getting back on course and securing a 2nd place time! The subsequent day saw the third race in the series, and Johnny faced an even more substantial crash – a complete dismount from his bike and yet again, he remounted, finished the race run and managed to put down a 4th place time!

What sets Johnny apart isn't just his victories; it's his spirit and resilience. Rebounding from crashes like that and finishing runs with podium worthy times, leaves no doubt that he's a force to be reckoned with. The highlight of his journey came when he dominated the Sundance Showdown winning his category with a 7 second lead, giving him enough points to secure the win for the whole series!

Johnny, you're a legend!

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you stories of the amazing individuals who make Converted Van not just a brand, but a community of driven and passionate people.


We're so proud to have Johnny as part of the Converted Van crew. His journey in the Utah Gravity Series not only shows his tenacity but also highlights the kind of spirit that drives all our team members. Here's to celebrating Johnny's victories, both on and off the bike. Let’s see what next season brings...

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Shining the spotlight on Johnny Muldoon, our lead van builder, as he blazes a trail of success in the 2023 Utah Gravity Downhill Series.
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