Chasing Views: Katie's Grand Teton Photo Trip

September 18, 2023

Hey, I'm Katie Bennett. I started photography when I moved from California to Utah. The crazy landscapes here got me hooked on landscape photography.

Right away, Utah's diverse landscapes within 3 hours of my Salt Lake City home grabbed my attention. I fell in love with the place.

My Subaru was okay, but early mornings and late nights for photos made it tough. Converting a van was the solution. It's my cozy travel companion, making photography trips much easier. Hotels didn't make sense anymore – I was always out. Converting the van was the best choice I ever made.

Grand Teton National Park

It's like hitting the jackpot of national parks! I can easily say it's in my top 5 favorites. There's a ton to love – cool swimming spots, Jackson Hole town nearby, camping options just outside the park, wildlife galore, and those breathtaking mountains that, in my humble opinion, rank as some of the most picturesque in the whole US.

When I venture to the Grand Tetons, it's like reuniting with an old friend. I've got my go-to spots for those killer shots. Normally, it's my brother or a buddy who accompanies me. On my latest trip, I had both. Our cozy converted van doubled as our hangout and planning hub. We rotated between being in front of and behind the camera, thanks to the beauty of shared photography passion. And let me tell you, having a crew that's all about photos means you're not setting alarms for 4 am sunrises all on your own!

So, there we were – three musketeers in our trusty van. We spent a solid three days soaking up the wonders of the park. Hiking, swimming, uncovering new spots, and just letting our spirit run free – it was pure magic. Oh, and can't forget about Bronco, our adventurous fury companion, who had the time of his life roaming around.

The truth is, this journey to the Grand Tetons wouldn't have been half as amazing without my converted van. It was our hub, our ride, and our basecamp all rolled into one. From catching the first light of day to chasing those golden sunsets, the van was there for us, making sure we had everything we needed to capture every moment.

And there you have it, folks! The Grand Tetons adventure is just one chapter in my van-powered journey. I can't wait to keep sharing more of these incredible moments and stories with you. Until next time, keep those cameras ready and your sense of adventure alive!


From Utah's landscapes to the magic of Grand Teton, my van-powered adventures have woven unforgettable stories. With cameras ready and spirits alive, here's to more chapters ahead. Stay curious, keep exploring!

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